Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fred to Publish Book

Fred appeared on Fox and Friends a few days ago. He talked about various topics, but the one that interested me is that he is in negotiations on a book deal. There is a book that I will buy.

Fred on Gay Marriage

Fred has posted a blog entry over at Townhall regarding the recent California State Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Fred asserts that this decision is one in a chain of "judicial lawmaking" decisions on this particular issue and represents poor work on the part of these justices.

But true to his campaign, he rejects calls for a Federal amendment to deal with this issue--his preference is for this to be handled at the State level, as Federalism requires.

His real call here is for the appointment of more justices that will interpret law rather than legislate:
So, more power to the people of California in their uphill battle for an amendment to their state constitution. But the real, long-term solution in the future for supporters of the rule of law is ensuring the selection and election of good judges, judges who know their role in a constitutional republic, in the first place, and holding them – and the politicians who appoint and confirm them – accountable.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yes! He's Really Back!

This is what we have been waiting for. Fred has made a couple of appearances since dropping out of the campaign--a couple of analysis interviews and a couple of "support McCain" interviews. Well today he has become what should be a regular column over at Townhall.com and on the Townhall blog. The first installment includes a restatement of his definition of conservatism and a nice whack on Obama.
change – whether it “real change,” “bold change” or the “change we can believe in” variety others are selling – isn’t itself an innovative policy or a particularly strong leadership stance. In fact, from Burke to Buckley, there has been an acknowledgement that change in the political arena is inevitable and necessary, and we in the U.S. tend to experience it in regular, 2, 4 and 6 year intervals, so 2008 is hardly our first rodeo.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Frustration at the Poll

Write-ins were not allowed for the Republican Primary yesterday in Indiana, so I was unable to make the vote that I had been planning for several months. I am not happy with that, but them are the rules.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fred on Glenn and Helen Show

Fred had an interview on Pajamas Media's Glenn and Helen show. You can listen to the interview here. Fred was expressing his support of McCain and specifically talking about his role in nominating justices. He also took himself out of the running for AG.

By the way. Tomorrow is the Indiana Primary. I will be writing in Fred.